X Bowling


XBowling provides an exciting and rewarding way for bowlers to improve their game, connect with others, and win real money

  • Entry fees from $1 - $25*
  • Contest payoffs as high as $1,000 and beyond*
  • More than 15 different contests
  • Compete against yourself or Compete against others
  • Handicap and Scratch formats
  • Verifiable scores and scorecards required
  • More than 50,000 contests played in 2018

* See specific game terms and rules for entry fees and payoff descriptions.


Strike Pot

Winner must match a pattern of strikes shown for each frame in a full three-game set. Different patterns required by league average.

Beat Your Average

Winner must beat his/her league average (min 21 games) by 30+ pins per game in three-game set. Different payouts if one game, two games, or three games beat player average by 30+ pins.

Hit Your Score

Winner must exactly match pin drop count for player selected score that must be greater than ten pins below his/her league average.

Make Your Mark

Winner must match a pattern of marks (strikes or spares) shown for each frame in any single game of a three-game set. Different patterns required by league average.

Bracket 8

Winners are top two handicap scores played in random bracket of eight contestants structured as three single elimination paired contests.

Grand Slam

Winners are top ten handicap scores from a random group of 100+ total entry contestants.

King Pin

Winners can achieve any one of multiple challenges with different payoffs. Only the highest payoff paid.


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Playing on XBowling is 100% Legal** in the USA. Here's Why:

Bowling is a game of skill. Sports Challenge Network is a US-based skill game company connecting bowlers who wish to match their physical skills with others around the country using verified league scores. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we operate in full compliancy with Federal and State laws. We offer hassle-free cashouts with payments processed immediately following withdrawal. Sports Challenge Network guarantees security of player funds. Account balances are held in segregated account and not used for operational expenses.

** Must be 18 years of age or older to participate in real-money contests. Residents of AK, AZ, DE and MI are not eligible to win cash prizes.